Ulto Pulto – Yeso Sochda

yeso sochda
kaha gaye ti dinharu
jaba timi malai
herera muskurautheu
sayad beglai thiye
hamro maya garne tarika
dinharu bitdai jada
ti sab ek
sayad yestai ho
samaya sangai
agi badhxau
mayama timi ra ma
sakdina voli ko din
parkhana jaha
tmi ra ma sangai
maya ko kurama
dubera hami ta…
bitamla jiwana…

ahile herda sabai thikai
dekhinxan purana paristhiti
haruko sayad artha rahexa
voli ko din samma
pani yasari nai
hami agi badhxau vani
hami ek
saayad yestai ho
samaya sangai
agi badhxau
maya ma timi ra ma
sakdina voli ko din
parkhana jaha timi ra ma
mayako kurama
dubera hami ta
bitamla jiwana

Thanks Ulto Pulto band for this beautiful song. And thank you guys for visiting… ❤️❤️❤️

तिमी मन पर्यो

सारै मन पर्यो है  मलाई

हास्दा खाल्डो पर्ने तिम्रो गाला!

जो सङ्ग नि मुसुक्क हासेर बोल्छौ,

ठिक छैन जस्तो छ है तिम्रो चाला-माला!

सम्हालेर राख है तिम्रो जोवन

नत्र खेर है जाला!

तिमी सङ्गै साइनो लाउने रहर मेरो

नातामा त तिम्रो भाइ पर्ने रैछ मेरो साला!

तिमी सङ्गै जिउने मर्ने चाहना मेरो

त्यसैले पर्खी बसेकोछु हातमा लिइ फूलको माला!

मैले त चोखो अनि साचो माया गरेको हो तिमिलाई

छोड्ने छैन तिमीलाई बरु गए यो ज्यान जाला!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

…By Sujan Shrestha

My Thoughts

I think people can’t accept both likers and haters in their life, and most of the people let them go who hates them, ’cause they can’t endure haters. 🙂
If you find someone who kept both of them and living their life normally then they might be pretending to show others how cool they are, I’m not saying no one can live like this, but it rarerly happens so…
Im just saying if people could take likers and haters simply and move on normally their life will be bright and happy.
Haters are like motivator, you can learn so many things from them, always think that they are encouraging you, rather than letting you down.
you can improve and do better in you future ’cause of them and can get a good rank.
I guess so…

Ankit Ft. GXSOUL – If You Were Mine

The first time I saw you

Ma ta hereko herai vaye.
since then i’m waiting

For the right time to say

Outta this world
you are
Timi jasto kohi xaina
How can somebody sso sweet like you?

(if you were mine

yedi timi mero vako vaye)*2

Vuima haina ma ta aakash mai udi rahanthe
Tyo badal pariko duniyama harauthye
Tmro haat samaudai maanma
Angaloma hali mayako geet sunauthye
If you were mine ma ta sansar nai vuli dinthye
Niras hunu pardainathyo sadhai khusi basthye
Timilai hasaudai mayama dubaudai mayako ranga ma yesari rangathye

madh-hosi aakha tmro, pagli dinxa yo maan
Sparsa hridayama kasto yo jaadu
Niskana khojxu ma daudana khojxu
Jhanai po dubdai xu gahiraima
(If you were mine

Yedi timi mero vako vaye)*2

Like a beautiful poetry, you go right across my heart
Somebody betta come and stop me
or ima take her and fly away
the best impression from the start
you never fail to impress me honey
always the best for me , i gotta say,
I never wanna quit on you,
Coz i know i’m never gonna find
anyone like you,
words are never
enough to tell you
Never seen such a perfecr lady, never gonna feel for anybody so true
when you make an entrance , all eyes on you
you’re the guy magnet,
i’m also one of
’em , but i fall under category of the true ones
when it really comes to you somehow i get real passionate,
If you reall were mine
I could have spare my whole life to celebrate
but for now i gotta take little bit’a time to make good impression,

i gotta be that perfect chap that a girl’s vision

wants ,yeah in a girl’s vision

you and i the perfect two can stay as one for the rest of days.

left in this life darling, can you tolerate me for rest few years

of my life?

Saath hoina yo ek dinko
saath mero juni variko

mero harek dhadkan ma

gunjanxa tmrai boliko

tmro aakha vitra
saara sansar pauxu,
tmro nyano maya ma ‘ ma haruxu
shital shital tmro kesh ko xaharima sara sansar ma vulaidinxu.

(if you were mine

yedi tmi mero vako vaye)*2

(yedi tmi mero vako vaye)*2

It’s very nice song isnt it? 🙂
You can make correction too. 🙂

Make Her Fall for You!

Boys, just do it!—-Tell her you think she’s cool. Tell her why you think she’s so cool. Smell her hair. Talk to her in movie theatres. Pick her up and pretend you’re going to throw her in the river; she’ll scream and fight you but secretly, she’ll love it. Hold her hand and skip. Hold her hand and run. Just hold her hand. Pick flowers from other peoples gardens and give them to her. Tell her she looks pretty. Let her pay for stuff if she wants to. Introduce her to your friends as The coolest girl I know. Sit in the park and talk to her. Take her to the library, and playgrounds, and train stations. Tell her dirty jokes. Tell her stupid jokes. Write poems about her. Just walk around with her. Throw pebbles at her window at night. When she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her. Take her to shows of bands she’s never heard of. Hold her hand in the mosh pit. Let her fall asleep in your arms. Call her. Call her back if she calls you. Sing to her, no matter how bad you are. Carve your names into a tree. Get her mad, then kiss her.Give her piggy-back rides. Go see her band play even if they really suck, and tell her they were great. Give her space if she needs it. Push her on swings. Stay up with her all night when she’s sick. Make up pet names for her, but cool ones, not sappy ones. Teach her guitar. Lend her your cds. Write on her. Make her mixtapes. Write her letters. If she asks you to go to a show with her, go, even if it means a 5 hour train trip. Take her to cool shops, and let her take you to even cooler ones. Listen to all the bands she mentions. Dont tell her that her favorite bands suck. When she’s sad, hang out with her or stay on the phone with her, even if she’s not saying anything. Buy her ice cream. Let her take all the photos of you she wants. Look into her eyes. Slow dance with her, even if the music is fast. Kiss her in the rain. When you fall in love with her, tell her. ❤