Tragic Love

The saddest thing in the world is to love someone who never likes you. You could call it one sided love, but it was not eventually…
Usally People feel heartbroken their loved nes goes on a date with someone else. 😦
Something like this happened in my life when I was 20.
I met a girl in a high school who is my classmate, she was very beautiful, her eye were so attractive, and her smile was heartmelting 🙂
The first time i saw her I was completely fell in love with her, i knew it was bit crazy but i could not stop myself, i wanted to meet her and look at her face everyday, i tried to talk to her and we became friends, it wasn’t that difficult for me, she was very friendly and so do I.
Slowly we became very close, we used to meet everyday outside the class and had lots of fun, I used to tell her very funny jokes just to see her laughing and happy face 🙂
She always smile when I talk to her. But sad thing is I had never told her that i love her…
I was afraid that if i told her i would lose her, but she told me that she likes me,
Was nothing more than that…

There was my bestfriend ‘X’. I did not even told him that i’m in love with that girl and i like her so much, if told him he would made fun of me for sure, he would always tease me so i didn’t told him,
For many times he has seen her with me so sometimes he interfere us, but i couldn’t tell him anything he was a good friend.
After some days passed he said he likes that girl and he’s gonna make her fall for him, he told me he loves her so much, when i heard that my heart broken into pieces…
I couldn’t say anything, i was just standing like a statue, i was speechless…

Neither i could tell the truth to her nor him.
I don’t know whom will she chose!
Probably She will chose him ’cause he already told her his feelings since i never had…
But in future i can’t tell him the truth otherwise he would feel guilty or heartbroken… Really very coplicated lifestory…

But I’ll always love her from deep inside my heart…
I’ve heard that ”to gain precious thing is not a big deal, to
sacrifice precious thing is what count”…

I love you because

I love you because you have taught me

the true meaning of love.

I love you because you understand my

deepest thoughts.

I love you because you are so true to me.

I love you because even though you know

all my imperfections, you don’t judge me.

I love you because you never give up on


I love you because you inspire me to

follow my dreams.

I love you because you are more than I

ever could have dreamed for.

I love you because you give me all the

time and attention that I deserve.

I love you because we share the same


I love you

because you

stay by my side

through all my


I love you


without you I’d

be lost..

I Love You For Who You Are!

I love you more than the stars in the night

I love you even if every day we fight

I love you, what else can I do

I just love you, I simply do.

I need you because I love you.

I wouldn’t want to lose you and

I won’t trade you for anything else in this world.

You are all I need.

I love you.

I love you not because you’re witty.

I love you not because you’re so pretty.

I love you not because you have the sweetest smile,

I love you not because of your simple style.

I love you for who you are.

Nice Lines!

Awesome Lines Said By a Girl After a fight with her Boyfriend : I’m sorry. Sometimes, I get jealous thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could. I guess its my insecurities acting up. Because I know I’m not the prettiest, smartest, or most fun and exciting. But, I do know that no matter how long you look; you’ll never find someone that loves you like I do.